Programme Curriculum


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3 Months Every Saturday or Sunday one lecture


Old SSC or 12 th pass


Rs. 2000

Who is this course for?

Students, working professional, housewives and businessman.

Program Overview

To develop some mastery over the mind by learning to fix one's attention on the natural reality of the ever changing flow of breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. Also the mind is calmer and more focused, better able to undertake the practice of Buddha teaching and Vipassana.


  1. 1.Introduction to Buddha’s life & his teachings
  2. Introduction to literature related to Teachings of Buddha
  3. Learning of Pali discourses through Transalation
  4. Practical significance of Vipassana

Take away from this course

  1. Understand Buddha’s life & his teachings
  2. Importance of Vipassana