Programme Curriculum

30 hours (4 weeks)


₹ 2,500/-

Learning Outcome

After completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Execute the counseling techniques scientifically
  2. Implement the benefits of counseling techniques to the needy.
  3. Plan for counseling techniques for vocational guidance, educational purposes, and for special children.

Target Learners

Anyone interested in up-skilling for their knowledge of counseling techniques can enroll for this course. Basically, this course is more suitable for parents, teachers, teacher educators, counsellors, psychologists, etc.

Course Overview

Welcome to the world of counseling techniques. The buzzword in today’s world is counseling. Counseling provided by trained professionals can make a profound impact on the lives of individuals and families. Counseling is the assistance given to individuals to take rational decisions in case of education, career and the like. Counseling enables each individual to know his abilities, interests, personality traits and potential. Knowledge of strengths and potential is required to succeed in life. In this course, we will be discussing various counseling techniques required for vocational guidance, parental counseling, and educational counseling with teacher counseling. So, let us be a part of making the world a happier place by discussing counseling techniques.

Understanding Counselling Techniques

  1. Nature of Guidance and Counselling
  2. Skills Necessary for Counselling

  1. Definition, Nature and Scope, Purpose and Functions of Vocational Guidance
  2. Procedures and Techniques of Vocational Guidance
  3. Educational Guidance and Remedial Teaching

  1. Counselling Parents of Normal Children
  2. Counselling Parents of Negatively Exceptional Children
  3. Counselling Parents of Positively Exceptional Children

  1. Special Problems of Children
  2. Problems related to Academic Backwardness

Learners will learn from PPTs, eLearning material, and videos.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who obtain a minimum score of 50% in all quizzes.