Programme Curriculum

30 hours (4 weeks)


₹ 2,500/-

Learning Outcome

After completion of this course, participants are expected to be able to:

  1. Create a GST payment plan for the client on the basis of the transaction history.
  2. Prepare the GST returns and facilitate the payment of GST.
  3. Prepare invoices under GST.
  4. Apply the input tax credit (ITC) provisions in the calculations of GST.

Target Learners

This course is designed for anyone interested in working as GST assistant. Academicians who want to develop insights to use various concepts of GST. Students from any stream can apply to this program for gaining GST insights

Course Overview

Goods and Services Tax was implemented in India from 1st July 2017. With a view to enabling learners to understand the insights of this law on GST, Symbiosis has introduced the Certificate Course on GST. The objective of this Course is to enhance the knowledge as well as to provide an avenue to the learners in the global service market.

Insights into Share Trading and Investments

  1. Introduction to GST
  2. Overview of GST Adoption
  3. Introduction to Custom Acts
  4. IGST 1

  1. Registration under GST
  2. Process of Registration under GST

  1. Input Tax Credit
  2. Composition Levy
  3. Determination of Taxable Value

  1. GST Returns
  2. IGST 2
  3. Tax Rates Applied and Practical Problem

Learners will learn from eLearning materials.

Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who obtain a minimum score of 50% in all quizzes.