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2 Hours


12th Pass


Rs. 500

Who is this course for?

Investors, share traders.

Program Overview

Any person who is trading shares in stock market or wants to trade the same may tend to think of it as online gambling. New investors think of it as a short term investment alternative that can provide either fancy profits or leave with depressing losses. "Insights into Share Trading" a course by SCDL enables learners to understand the philosophies of the stock market. this course will help investors and students who wants to explore the stock trading to understand its zero sum game theory. In Stock trading, someone's loss is profit for other. However, it is not a blind game. The more it is understood, the better a decision one can make. In this course we will address the most fundamental questions and take a deeper plunge in Share Trading.


  1. Basics of Capital Market
  2. Eligibility Norms of Regulators like RBI and SEBI
  3. Dos and Dont’s of share trading
  4. Strategies to be following while trading
  5. Fundamental and Technical analysis of stocks
  6. Capital Market post COVID 19

Take away from this course

Basic understanding of share trading, Do’s and Dont’s of share trading.