About SCOL

Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) was founded in 2021 under the aegis of Symbiosis Skills and Professional University with the vision of enhancing learning opportunities and equitable access to quality education. As technologies continue to grow and innovative educational delivery modes, such as MOOCs and blended approaches are developed, several global trends are emerging due to experiences like the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic-related difficult experiences of educational and learning losses were the driving forces behind the establishment of SCOL in 2021. The pandemic and its aftermath proved how conventional modes of education can be disrupted quite easily and how an online and blended footprint of an educational institute can ensure quality content delivery in such difficult times. Thus, SCOL since 2021, has been proving its relevance and resilience in the field of education. The most evident testimonial of this is perhaps the plethora of individuals from different dimensions of socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds who have chosen SCOL to further boost their learning enhancement. 'Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning'. This platform provides short-term courses from areas ranging from management, technology, events, data science, and wellness, designed especially to address the needs of the 21st century. Whether you work in Finance domain or Information Technology or pursuing a career in Human Resources or Life Skills, we have courses that are designed to enhance your existing skills and knowledge. The courses are as short as a few hours to a few months. You can choose s course as per your needs. Symbiosis has employed the best academic minds to curate these courses. Each course will be taught by seasoned professionals and academicians to ensure you gain the maximum and achieve your desired result.


SCOL is committed to promoting digital teaching methods, improving learning outcomes and increasing flexibility for teachers and students. 


Our mission at Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning (SCOL) is to provide an inductive, secure online environment in which every student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become accomplished, productive members, of the ever-changing, global community. 'Symbiosis Centre for Online Learning'. 

 SCOL Offers

SCOL is responsible for locating and supporting various need-based courses in which digital media and online tools can contribute to increased learning, motivation and commitment. In addition, SCOL is offering professional development programmes for industry and educational institutions including advice and support regarding the development of digital learning materials, e-content development, MOOCs etc.

SCOL offers micro-credentials, mini credentials and short-term courses which are industry linked and aim at professional development leading to employability and entrepreneurship.

It employs the best of technology to impart quality education and employment opportunities to students. To ensure quality, SCOL has the best of faculty for teaching, evaluation, e-Learning and self-learning material preparation.

Students at SCOL will have access to e‐learning, live online classes with expert faculty, faculty chat sessions, e-books, and self-paced learning all delivered through a sophisticated web portal, thus creating a large Virtual Campus.

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